Pareekh Jain

Pareekh is a management consultant and has worked in different industries across different countries. In his last assignment, he was leading Asia Pacific Strategic Planning for a Fortune 100, US MNC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and IIT Delhi. Studying in these institutions gave Pareekh the opportunity to know diverse set of interesting people, who influenced his thinking over the last two decades.

Prachi Pareekh

Prachi is a GRE/ GMAT mentor. She has guided over thousand students to achieve their higher education dreams. She is proud to be judged by her student successes, who have scored enviable scores on GMAT and GRE.
The story is about an idea that is converted into billion dollar business, about a belief that an idea can be implemented and about formulating right strategy for converting an idea into a business. The plot harmoniously weaves around complex business fundamentals, required to set up, run and make a business successful, presented in lucid, easy to understand style. The novel is about implementation, about challenges that can be overcome, about success, about friendship, about passion, and about fun above all!