Book Title: WHO IS THAT LADY ?
Genre: Business Fiction Pages: 648
Pareekh Jain
Prachi Pareekh
Price: (Paperback)
Rs 280 ( India)
$10 (Outside India)
Price: (Kindle)- $5.50 ISBN: 9789350672440
Releasing on May 25, 2012 !
Book Synopsis – “Who is that lady?”
Can you click a pretty stranger lady in a mall and find out who she is? This curiosity of finding a mysterious lady gives Eureka moment to Pratik for a new venture idea. But he has a herculean task to convince his IITian pal Rajat to leave his current well settled job in London and start an internet venture on face search with him. Shrewd acumen and MBA tactics of Pratik convinces Rajat to rediscover his long lost interest in technology. This is just the beginning. They have to arrange funds, convince people, incubate organization, develop the product, advertise the product, engage customers and make the venture profitable. Business fundamentals, logic, superstition and intuition all play their role as the will to make the venture a grand success takes on the young entrepreneurs. Will they be able to do it?

Can girls and ladies of the world be found with this new face search software? As the duo progress in face search beyond flirting, new applications of face search software are discovered like layers of onion. Spontaneously and simultaneously, possible serious applications of face search software emerge in funny, thrilling and serious ways i.e. via College attendance, business meetings, psychological evaluation, anti-terrorism operation, murder mystery investigation, theft control, prostitution prevention, crime control, anti-Naxalite operation and Bollywood etc. Possibilities are endless, as new significant uses of face search keep on popping up miraculously.

In the process, emerges the new scope of visual search beyond face search. Can the personality beyond face be recognized? Can the lady inside the burqa be recognized? Can dresses be recognized? Can places be recognized? Finally where does this visual search stop?

The story is about an idea that is converted into billion dollar business, about a belief that an idea can be implemented and about formulating right strategy for converting an idea into a business. The plot harmoniously weaves around complex business fundamentals, required to set up, run and make a business successful, presented in lucid, easy to understand style. The novel is about implementation, about challenges that can be overcome, about success, about friendship, about passion, and about fun above all!

Amusingly, some interesting management puzzles are also solved as the story moves on such as Why MBAs are not good entrepreneurs? What makes a product successful in the market? Why Indian product companies are not successful globally? Why meetings on Monday mornings don’t give positive outcomes in general? Does Vastu and numerological principle apply to website design?

All in all a hilarious and inspiring story on entrepreneurship and idea possibilities!